Existential KPIs


Visual abstractions of our autonomic nervous system — the control system that operates largely below our given level of consciousness.  The repetition in line and overlapping circles guide the audience in rhythmic breathing, helping them become more self aware of the small visceral functions and simple human-life mechanics. Relying on human-error, attempting to hand-draw perfectly straight lines intentionally creates a fabric-like texture and uncanny softness when lines conscientiously weave closer together and farther apart.

With a masters in data-marketing, my analytic tendencies began to unwillingly search for certain key-performance indicators (KPIs) within the visual works – a need to quantify the art because of a firm belief that mathematical language is unlike any other knowledge; its truths are objective, necessary and timeless. The work illustrates my frustration and the internal struggle between making subjective and aesthetic decisions and my obsession for finding a self-fulfilling  ROI.